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When planning for yourself and your loved ones, you have more than enough to think about. Who will take care of my minor children? Will my assets be accessible? Is there a way to avoid court involvement? What about taxes? Whether your situation is relatively simple and straightforward or difficult and complex, you need someone who understands the issues you face and can advise you on the options available so your loved ones are taken care of.

Since 1999, Will has provided the hand-holding and time commitment necessary to educate and address the needs of his clients, which has been proven particularly important when dealing with long-term care issues or a loved one’s affairs. Will understands the physical and emotional difficulty that can accompany these situations and ensures they are handled in a dignified, compassionate, and professional manner. Will takes pride in building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with his clients and often becomes the primary attorney offering advice on the full spectrum of legal and life issues.

Receiving the advice and counsel you need to make informed decisions is what Will’s practice is all about. His ability to discuss planning concepts in plain language will go a long way at putting you at ease—all while providing the personal service you deserve.

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